FCA Welcomes the Grahams!

James and GracieFCA would like to welcome James and Gracie Graham to our staff!

Gracie Graham is our new 5th grade teacher. Since graduating from International Baptist University she has spent the last 8 years teaching in the elementary and middle school departments of Tri City Christian Academy in Chandler, Arizona specializing in teaching Spanish. We are looking forward to her joining our staff and giving us the opportunity to have a dedicated 5th grade class.

Our new guidance counselor is James Graham, an 11 year Navy veteran and also a graduate of International Baptist University. James will be working individually to help our high school students better plan for college and he will be teaching our ACT/SAT prep class to our juniors. He will also be working with our staff in the final steps toward ACSI accreditation. James is also bi-lingual.

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