Faith Christian Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum. With that goal in mind, we have set our academic standards high. Academic excellence is emphasized at FCA. Instruction is directed to the average student, yet it will challenge the exceptional student. Each student is expected to do his best regardless of his ability to perform.

Faith Christian Academy has purposed to provide students with a college preparatory education. The curriculum is designed to be challenging to meet the academic, spiritual, social, and physical needs of the students. Our students are expected to meet the requirements of each course.

The Elementary School program is taught in traditional, self-contained classrooms by well-qualified teachers who demonstrate love and concern for their pupils. The academic program is based upon teaching the students to be good readers, as without the ability to read, the ability to communicate is greatly hindered.

Secondary students are taught in a traditional setting with a teacher for each subject. Class work is intended to prepare the students for college by teaching them how to think and how to study, in addition to teaching academic content.

In order to reach our academic goals, we use materials that provide our teachers with the facts and information necessary to be effective communicators. Most of our curriculum is from Bob Jones University Press.